Fairfield County, Connecticut is a wonderful place to live.  I’m biased, of course, having lived here for most of my life.  But the benefits are real and quantifiable.  Here are just a few reasons to consider moving here:

Commuting and Travel

Fairfield County is convenient to New York City and Boston, as well as being a short day trip from Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. There are three major highways that allow commuters to work in New York, and nine Metro North train stations (one in pretty much each town along the line) that allow you to reach New York City in an hour or two.  If you are flying to a foreign location, we’re just an hour or two away from not one, but five important international airports.

The Weather

We don’t usually see snow in winter (unless you’re farther north or inland), and summertime heat only occasionally creeps over the 90-degree mark.  And as there are beautiful beaches lining the shore from Greenwich to Stratford, there is always a destination to cool off and enjoy.  Autumn is especially beautiful, the changing colors against a crisp blue sky beckon you to make a leaf peeping road trip.

The Great Schools

Schools in Fairfield County are well-known and routinely place academically in the top 10 list by many websites. Apart from the public schools, you can also take your pick from many private schools. Fairfield County public schools spend more each year per student than the US average. The student-to-teacher ratios are also quite good, at about 15 to 1.  You can check out the schools at www.schooldigger.com or www.niche.com for more specific information.

The Community

People here enjoy participating in special town programs and events. The many preschools, after-school programs, parks, and other recreational activities make this a wonderful place to raise children. The shopping and restaurants in quaint town centers like Fairfield, Westport, and New Canaan, are second to none.

For those who love to be close to nature, there are plenty of hiking trails, beaches, nature preserves, bird sanctuaries and arboretums. Dog parks are a perk of lots of locations, where you can bring your best friend to romp around with other pups without a leash.

The city areas of “SoNo” (South Norwalk), Stamford and Bridgeport offer vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and theaters, often within walking distance. Summertime and Autumn bring farmer’s markets, free concerts on the greens, art shows, and craft exhibitions.  The Oyster Festival in Norwalk is an annual “must” destination.  An abundance of locally owned farms offers pick-your-own apples and strawberries, home-baked pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas trees.

To Sum Up

The mix of activities, programs, schools, naturally beautiful landscapes, and opportunities for work, learning, and play in Fairfield County make it a rewarding and idyllic place to live.  Welcome!