NewYorkers have been hunkered down for months in cramped apartments.  Working (or not) from home, people who previously  saw each other only on evenings and weekends, are suddenly realizing that so much “togetherness” is not necessarily a good thing.

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As this Pandemic has loosened its grip on the City, its residents are considering the benefits of having a back yard, a barbecue, a swingset and the ability to go out for a walk without being shoulder to shoulder with millions of other people.

And so, I am seeing a steady flow of folks from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, hoping to buy their first home in my state of Connecticut.  It’s a learning curve for most, having rented all their lives.  Buying a home is an Event in and of itself.  Moving from City to Suburbs is another.  And so is learning a whole new routine:  doing one’s own maintenance and repairs, commute times, store hours (the City never sleeps but we do).

I specialize in helping City folks learn how to be Connecticutians.  Nutmeggers.  I gather together all the information they need in order to know where to go for things like train schedules, local grocery stores, the best restaurants, when waste and recycling pickups are, what street parking is allowable when it snows, and how to get a beach sticker.  Who the energy providers are.  How to keep on top of oil deliveries so they don’t run out.  I provide lists of local vendors, inspectors, and attorneys.  I’m a Realtor but I’m also responsible to see that my clients are not unduly stressed (or at least, not more than they already are).

I want to be their Realtor for life, not just a single transaction.  They are my flock and I feel responsible to be an Ambassador of sorts.

So move to Connecticut.  Buy a lawnmower and be a Suburbanite.  Get a fire pit and a barbecue grill.  Lounge in that back yard.  Enjoy the extra roominess of a house where you can get away from everyone for a bit when the need strikes.  Take a long walk with your new puppy.  Watch the birds at the feeder.  It’s a good life.