Situated in the south westernmost corner of Connecticut, Fairfield County is one of the most densely-populated counties of the state. It features four of the largest cities of Connecticut–Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, and Norwalk. More affluent towns like Weston, Darien, Westport, and Greenwich are also located in this county. So, it is no wonder that people are always looking to buy houses for sale in Fairfield County, CT.

Why now is the best time to sell?

Real estate gurus are predicting that 2021 is going to see a spur in the purchase of homes, especially by first-time homebuyers. Millennials, especially those nearing 40 years of age, will be actively looking to buy single-family homes in Fairfield County, CT as the post-pandemic market pick up its pace. However, it is also predicted that there will be fewer houses for sale on the market than can meet existing demand. So, it will likely be a seller’s market in the nearfuture, and hence, the best time to list your home for sale.

So, here is a list of 7 excellent tips that will make your house-selling experience a cakewalk.

If you are also planning to do so, then make sure you follow these tips when selling a home in Fairfield County, CT:

1. Price it right

To start with, price your home correctly. Many first-time sellers make the mistake of either pricing their house too high or too low. To avoid that, do comprehensive market research to find the median price of houses similar to you (a good realtor can help with this). Also, check to see if there are any houses from your neighborhood on the market. Sometimes, bank-owned homes,or foreclosures might be preferred over owner-sold houses; so, check to see if such properties are on the marketnearby.

2. Stress your home’s selling point

Every house has its own selling points, so what are yours? Just think about what made you buy this house or build it in the first place. Was it the neighborhood? Or was it due to its proximity to the main cities/towns or amenities like great schools, playgrounds, shopping? Is it the quaint, small-town charm? Is it a vibrant city with theatres, art community, or waterfront?  Are there beaches? Whatever it is, when you talk to a buyer or a real estate agent, make sure you stress those points first.

3. Beautify the exterior

If you are planning to list your single-family home for sale, then make sure your curb appeal and lawnarein tip-top shape. The first impression is the most important one when it comes to buying a home, hence mow and edge that grass, and trim those shrubs. If needed, give the fence a coat of paint.Powerwashthe siding if necessary.  Improving curb appeal will help you attract buyers to your home in a seller’s market.  If the season is right, I highly recommend adding attractive hanging or potted flowers to the front entrance area.  Finally, does your home “pop” in photos?  Consider painting that front door in a bright, pleasing color that complements the color of the house itself.  If buyers feel that you have taken good care of the property, they will feel better about purchasing from you.

4. Do minor repairs

You may wonder why you should invest in the house if you are going to sell it anyway, but that is a cardinal mistake. Minor things like a leaky faucet, or broken windows can bring down the price of your home or make potential buyers think twice. Buyers walk around with a sort of invisible calculator in their heads, tallying up every little thing they see that is out of place or needs work.  Hence, all minor repairs should be done if you are planning to list your home for sale in Fairfield county.

5. Declutter and Revamp your home

The next point also deals with revamping your home. A cluttered home is not something you will want to show your potential buyers; so, declutter before puttingthe house up for sale. Pay attention to such places as your hallway and kitchen, as well as the garage, and the outside of your home. The more open space you can provide, the easier it will be for a buyer to envision their own belongings there.  Similarly, the lighting of your home also matters when showcasing the house. So, check out the light fixtures, clean the windows, and make sure your home is looking bright and well-lit when buyers come for the open house. 

6. Choose a Reliable Realtor

The next important point is choosing a good realtor. Do thorough research about the listing agent you choose before signing any agreement with them. Are there testimonials available from former clients?  Are there ratings online?  Most importantly, ask if they have a marketing plan specific for your type of home. Just listing your home, and hoping that anyone searching for “homes for sale near me finds your listing, will not sell your home fast! You should make sure that there is a marketing plan in place, so that your home will show up on the radar of people who are interested in your home style.

7. Photograph your home properly

To make sure your listing catches buyers’ attention immediately, make sure that your property is beautifully photographed. Buyers typically spend only a few seconds scanning online photographs before either deciding to delve further into your listing, or to reject it and move on to the next listing.  It is always best to hire a professional photographer who can make sure that eye-catching pictures will drive buyer traffic to your door.  If budget is a concern, you can take your own photographs — if you are not confident about your camera skills, ask family members. The younger generation is better with mobile cameras than we are! Another way to find a good photographer is while searching for a real estate agent to help sell your home. There are many who do their own photography; when you see beautifully photographed listings on an agent’s page, ask who took the pictures.  You might want to list with that agent.  You have options!

Whether it is a multifamily home in Fairfield County, CT, or a single-family home, it has a great chance of selling if the price is right and is marketed correctly. So, follow these tips!